Timing is everything

By Russell Austin

When to call in the authors

End user documentation is often an afterthought, commenced late in a project timeline. By then, there is a tendency for it to be rushed and a poor quality or even an unfinished document to be issued.
There is a sweet spot of course; start too early and the content for end-user documentation does not yet exist or much of what does is likely to change.

Technical authoring should be planned for well in advance to help smooth the process; the time taken to create good quality end-user documentation to complement your project not underestimated.

Contacting AST early allows us to program in your requirement at the right time to ensure you receive the right end-user documentation for your project. AST believe your team’s hard work deserves it.

Whether you are improving upon existing documentation or need documentation generating from a mass of source information, AST can assist with your documentation requirements whatever the start line. Together with source information provided by your project’s subject matter experts (SME), AST can rewrite or create new documentation using templates developed collaboratively or as per your contract deliverables.

We will be with you all the way, from the first page to the last.