About us

AST Authors are a small technical documentation team with different skill-sets that compliment one another perfectly.
We have access to additional writers from all areas of the country, who are highly skilled and experienced, allowing us to tackle almost any project.

We work closely with trusted graphic illustrators and translators to compliment our service to offer a single source solution.

For over 50 years we have been writing client focused technical documentation, sharing your passion for your business, your product and embracing responsibility for your company’s reputation. Offering a single source solution for the production of technical documentation for use in most fields of industry. Since its formation in 1967, the company has completed many diverse projects from one-off manuals to fully outsourced technical publications.

In recent years we have concentrated on large infrastructure projects. With the attraction of a consistency of work in both volume and nature. However we are now more diversified in the type of projects we are completing and while continuing to provide our well earnt expertise to large construction projects, we are at the same time enjoying the variety in product user manuals we are now writing. This variety or work and enjoyment is bringing out a new level of creativity in our team.

We have adopted home-working, but have a main office in Stevenage, where our management and authoring teams can meet. We have a core authoring team and a further team of trusted independent writers, who we can call upon for individual projects. This allows us to quickly assemble a customised team for any project. We are experienced working with fixed price projects and providing staff on a contract basis.

Our personnel work wherever needed. We undertake short-term or long term contracts, office based or on-site. Our business embraces new technology including supporting our clients with the increasing need for web content, illustrations and translation. As well as looking at ways to make the same manual multi-purpose for a variety of different uses. Where required we incorporate computer automation to assist with the processing of large and/or repetitive sources of information.

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A brief history

Our history dates back to 1967 when on the 14th April Author Services (Technical) Ltd was incorporated.

Over the next half a century the company has continually operated by evolving with the times. Relocating a number of times around the Hertfordshire area as business environments dictated. This has seen AST operating offices from Hitchin and Ware, operating a specialist site office in Sunninghill, to where finally we find ourselves today in Letchworth Garden City.

Throughout these transitions the company maintained the same core staff, business values and practices allowing the experience and skills learnt through many years enrich the company.

In 2017 we celebrated our 50th anniversary.

As of 2021 the company is under new ownership, transferring outside of the previously held family ownership. The company, now owned and operated by the existing management, has entering into a new era where it intends to operate with one foot into the future, embracing developments in technical authoring. An era where quality management, customer satisfaction, staff wellbeing and our social responsibilities are key drivers in all that we do.

We would like to thank all our suppliers, staff and clients who have supported the company throughout this time and we look forward to this continuing through our period of transition, which we know will ultimately benefit us all.