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AST Authors are technical writers of instruction manuals to allow your end-user to clearly understand even the most complex product or project.

We excel at collecting, understanding and presenting technical information and data management, organising it into easy to understand instructions.

Our manuals cover everything from installation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Written to CE,  UKCA, BSRIA and ISO standards. 

Our expertise will enable you to provide quality professional technical documentation to your end-user, user manuals complementing your own service and enhancing your overall delivery package.

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Technical writing services

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Manufacturing – Consumer – Software…

Our clearly written user manuals will enhance your customers experience of your product, allowing them to use all of its features as you have intended. We will help your customer find the right information easily and quickly, eliminating the frustration that can be caused by a confusing user manual.

You have created a great product, we will make sure your customer has an experience to match.



Building – Infrastructure – Engineering…

Installation, operation and maintenance manuals for construction and engineering projects are often complex documents. We will collect the different sources of information across the whole project. Organise it into a cohesive user manual introducing clear structure and navigation. Ensuring information can be easily and quickly found.

Provide everything your end-user needs at handover to operate, maintain and troubleshoot all parts of your project.

We are also writers of Homeowner user guides and software user manuals. Please contact us whatever your technical documentation needs to see if we can help.

How your customer benefits

Why use AST Authors? Here’s some of the ways your customer will benefit from our user manuals:

How your company benefits

Here’s a few ways our user manuals benefit your company:

Why you need AST Authors...

Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects

  • AST Authors has filled the role of sub-contract technical authors on many major projects.
  • Large projects require many specialist teams of experts to deliver successfully.
  • They are too complex for any team to ‘have a go’ at any element outside their core skill-set.
  • AST Authors are used to managing large volumes of information from multiple sources and of varying type and complexity.
  • AST Authors are used to delivering documentation on projects with multiple stakeholders, working with multiple engineering teams sometimes spread over many locations.
  • AST Authors will explore methods for improving the gathering, organising and processing of information, to streamline the process and maintain consistency throughout the documentation.
  • AST Authors can work with contractors to offer competitive tender pricing to help them win work.

Existing Manual Redevelopment

Existing Manual Redevelopment

  • Existing manuals can be improved further to match your customer expectations by incorporating customer feedback.
  • Manuals become dated over time and fall behind product developments.
  • International standards change and manuals need to change with them to achieve product certification.
  • A common improvement to usability is to produce a subset from existing manuals. Making a more practical concise, quick reference alternative to the full manual.
  • Re-positioning a manual for translation by reducing word count to reduce translation cost.
  • Environmental focus may drive redevelopment to transition manuals online, reducing the reliance on paper use.
  • You may wish to convert legacy manuals to online versions to improve access and navigation.

Outgrowing DIY manuals

Outgrowing DIY manuals

  • Successful companies eventually outgrow in-house generated manuals.
  • As sales grow, product portfolios diversify, documentation volume becomes too great for staff to maintain.
  • In-house staff become too busy with their main duties.
  • Successful companies naturally desire more professional technical publications.
  • Products become more technologically advanced, more feature rich, adding a new level of sophistication and complexity that increasingly becomes more difficult to document.
  • Skilled professional authors are required to break down the features into processes in a clear, logical structured way.
  • Customers need to be able to use all of the available features and maintain the product safely.

No documentation

No documentation

  • Early stage companies often provide little or no end user documentation with their products.
  • Can you be sure your customer is using your product properly?
  • Is your customer getting the most out of your product?
  • Is your customer maintaining your product correctly?
  • Professional documentation will add to the usability of your product.
  • Absence of a user manual could be costing you repeat purchases and lost customer recommendations.
  • All products are an investment, from development to launch, marketing to achieving sales. Professional documentation is the final investment adding the finishing touch complimenting your product.
user manual end-users happy with their instruction manual and putting their thumbs in the air

Professional technical authoring will enhance your documentation with

Professional technical authoring will bring the following improvements

happy user manual end-user using a pdf instruction manual on a tablet written by ast authors
sub-contractor freelance technical author being welcomed to new writing team and shaking hands with customer

Sub-contract technical writers

AST Authors can provide sub-contract technical writers. From our pool of in-house staff and our sub-contractor network we can source the skills required.

  • We retain a database of Technical Authors and technical workers in readiness for a requirement.
  • Each sub-contractor is reviewed prior to entry in to our network.
  • We will understand your requirement and vet suitable workers. Before putting forward the particulars of the most suitable options to ensure that:
  • only suitable workers will be proposed;
  • your time is used efficiently.

For your peace of mind we vet our independent contractors for right to work, insurance and legislative policy checks, and will work with you through the Deemed Employment path following the correct process and putting in place the correct solution, even pay-rolling contractors directly if necessary.

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