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Professional technical documentation to add value and enhance your product


Our expertise will enable you to provide high quality professional technical documentation to your end-user, complementing your own service and enhancing your overall delivery package.

AST's expertise lies in:

Providing a specialist team skilled in Technical Authoring, Illustrating, DTP, Translation and Delivery

Combining all Technical Publications skills to produce professional Technical Publications

Experience across many different industries.

Successful completion of any Technical Documentation task is a potentially hazardous and risky project often over-running, frequently lacking the desired quality and generally costing more than anticipated.

The benefit of working with AST is we can help eliminate these hazards due to our experience and ability to provide the right kind of Technical Author(s) and support services.

All documentation is produced using the software that best suits your requirements. The finished work can be provided in any output format; be it paper or an interactive on-line document for electronic distribution or over the Internet.

AST provides a complete solution for managing all your documentation from design and creation, through to delivery and maintenance.

Technical Authors

Technical Document production and management can often require specific skills not readily available within our clients organisations, or existing staff are just too busy. AST Technical Authors are all fully trained with an expert knowledge of the Technical Publications industry. Each Author is multi-skilled in various related disciplines and can demonstrate professionalism and proficiency in producing publications to tight quality constraints and timescales. We can provide Technical Authors for just about any technology requirement.

  • Scope the complete project to identify the suite of manuals required

  • Define the level of knowledge of the end users

  • Write the End User information to the level of the end user and appropriate for the target delivery media.

  • Multi-skilled in various disciplines

  • Provide consultancy services

  • Can demonstrate professionalism and proficiency in managing publications to tight quality constraints and timescales

  • No two Technical Authoring jobs are the same

  • No two Technical Authors are the same.

Technical Editors (TE)
Desktop Publishers (DTP)
Graphic Designers

Pictures are a very effective way of communicating complex information. Our team can produce simple graphics such as line drawings to clearly illustrate steps and procedures. We can amend and annotate supplied graphics form your engineering departments. For complex illustrations we have access to graphic design partners who with their specialist skillset can help produce more complex illustrations.

Replacing words with graphics will also reduce word count and translation costs. Read more about translation below.

Translation Services

We can help translate your documentation. It could be your customers are asking for manuals in their own language, you are expanding to new territories and want to make a good first impression. We can help with the translation of existing documentation, maybe adapting it into smaller form to reduce translation costs. Or for new or updated documentation we can write your manuals for compatibility with translation in mind.

Companies on the Continent are increasingly requesting local language documentation

Our clients are reporting a growing demand for European language translations. AST can help you implement this now.

AST works with our translation partner to translate documentation into almost any language

With entry into European markets having become a hurdle for some, alternative worldwide markets are now more attractive than ever. We can help you access them with fully translated, formatted documentation.

Even the smallest companies can now have a global reach

Translation is often seen to be a costly investment. But AST can advise on methods to help reduce the initial cost and the total investment over a products life cycle. Making it a cost effective process and bringing it within the reach of even the smallest companies.

Simple cost-saving techniques:

  • Reducing word count by use of references within the document

  • Replacing text with graphics and illustrations

  • Using a consistant template across multiple documents

  • Using same translation partner for all translation

  • Bulk translation of similar documents to same language

These techniques, together with word-banks, means that updating manuals where only a small amount of text has changed, or translating documents which share a common template with previously translated manuals, can greatly reduce the overall translation cost, and when analysed over a products life cycle can be shown to be a cost-efficient decision.

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