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Experts have labelled outsourcing a means to business efficiency; by allowing the company to focus on its core-activities.

When considering the benefits of outsourcing your technical publications, it's worth also thinking about how you may be devaluing your product with poor quality documentation.

When considering outsourcing the following points are worth highlighting:


Is Outsourcing The Answer? Is it right for your company?

Try this test. If you answer yes to any of these questions then you should consider outsourcing


1 Are your engineers writing and preparing Technical Publications themselves?

AST releases your engineers to perform their job function

2 Are Technical Publications activities considered as overhead costs?

Professional documentation enhances your product and adds value

3 Do you feel you are not fully in control of your Technical Publications?

AST provides regular reports to monitor timescales, standards and deliverables

4 Are Technical Publications a non-core element of your business?

AST allows you to put your resources to work on core company activities

5 Is your IT equipment and software available for Technical Publications in need of upgrade?

AST continually upgrades equipment and software to keep pace with industry trends

6 Would you need to know how much you would be charged in advance?

AST provides fixed price costs

7 Find it difficult to keep pace with the modern delivery methods and with developments in the Technical Publications Industry?

AST keeps pace with all new developments in the industry and the technological marketplace to give you the best advice and service


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