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Professional technical documentation to add value and enhance your product

Technical Authoring Specialists

Author Services Technical are experienced writers of professional, useable and navigable end-user documentation, for your products and projects.

User Guides, Operation Manuals, On-line Help, Maintenance Manuals, Training Manuals and more

For over 50 years we have been providing client focused technical documentation solutions. At AST we share your passion for your business and your product, embracing responsibility for your company's reputation.

Single service solution for all your technical writing needs

We write single bespoke manuals, suites of manuals or provide an outsourcing facility for times of high workload to free up your team.

With a dedicated technical authoring support team like AST, you can overcome short or long term workloads without having to compromise your core services.

New or existing products, processes or systems

Whether you need new documentation, help developing existing documentation, a simple update or a change of direction AST can help. We can help you reposition your documentation for a new end-user or to incorporate end-user feedback.

Large project sub-contracting - click for more

We have a proud history of working for multi-nationals as sub-contractors on some of the UK's largest and most prestigious engineering projects, including major railway upgrades and new infrastructure projects, power plants, shopping centres and hotels.

Quality technical documentation will add value and enhance your product

Professional technical authoring will add value to your product, in the same way that bad quality technical authoring written by someone not experienced in the skill, will detract from it.

Translation services

We can help translate your documentation if required. It could be your customers are asking for manuals in their own language, you are expanding to new territories and want to make a good first impression, or perhaps consolidating your operations in the UK. We can help with the translation of existing documentation, maybe adapting it into smaller form to reduce translation costs. Or for new or updated documentation we can write your manuals for compatibility with translation in mind.

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  • User Guides
  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals
  • Installation Manuals
  • Building Log Books
  • On-line Help
  • Training Manuals
  • Major project sub-contracting
  • Single Manual, Suites of Manuals
  • Outsourcing
  • Contract Staff

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The FINAL PIECE of the Puzzle
Many companies initially start by writing their end-user documentation in-house, underestimating the time commitments and skill-set required. Poorly written end-user documentation can let down an otherwise high-quality product, system or process and in some cases can introduce risk in particular where maintenance and troubleshooting is required.

Rather than seeing end-user documentation as a tick-box exercise, it should be viewed as an extension of the project and given the same level of investment.

Free your team to concentrate on where they can add value, and allow AST to complete your project with the final piece of the puzzle.
Our expertise will enable you to provide high quality professional technical documentation to your end-user, complementing your own service and enhancing your overall delivery package.

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What we do
We offer a single-source solution for your technical publication and support activity needs.

We can assist you overcome short or long-term work overloads allowing you to concentrate on core activities.

Our flexible approach to costing allows us to match your budgetary requirements by offering fixed price, stage pricing or daily rates or a combination of approaches.

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Essence of technical authoring
In a nut-shell technical authoring provides professional, useable and navigable documentation which allows the end user to easily locate clear understandable information.

We achieve this by categorising information separately by its nature and type and writing instructions in plain English.

The skill of technical authorship is constant, the product may change and so may the end user, but our skills can be applied across all product types and industries.

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Essence of technical authoring

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